Neuro-rehabilitation Services

We offer Physiotherapy for clients that have suffered acute and chronic stokes, acquired brain injury or spinal cord injury.  It includes management for individuals with neuromuscular diseases such as Parkinson's Disease, Post Polio Sydrome, and Multiple Sclerosis.

What is involved in an assessment?

*  Analysis of muscle integrity, coordination, movement, balance and gait 
*  Review the impact of the injury or disability on the individual's physical function  
*  Develop personal goals and determine the most appropriate treatment plan or approach


 What are the goals of Neuro-rehabilitation?

*  Improve your physical function and mobility  
*  Increase your fitness endurance and manage fatigue  
*  Improve your motor control / fall prevention


What are the known benefits of Neuro-rehabilitation?

*  Return to meaningful activities  
*  Community re-integration  
*  Increased energy


InsideOut is proud of it's skilled staff in the area of Neuro-rehabilitation.  We provides service for those considered catastrophic under the Ontario Motor Vehicle Act  (MVA).

Our facility is wheelchair accessible and designed to deliver one to one, multi-disciplinary based rehabilitation along with small classes. 

Initial home assessments are available.


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