Osteopathic Manual Therapy is a holistic, hands-on approach to treating pain and dysfunction that focuses on restoring movement within the body.  It is based on the understanding that all systems of the body operate together to create and sustain health.  The goal of Osteopathic treatment is to release constraints on the circulatory and nervous systems in order to promote health and optimal function.

This approach can be applied to help alleviate a wide variety of health issues including:

-  acute and chronic injuries and conditions
-  headaches and post concussion syndrome
-  TMJ dysfunction
-  digestive disorders
-  infantile conditions such as colic, breastfeeding difficulties, and torticollis
-  promotes healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery

Osteopathic manual treatment begins with a thorough assessment to identify the underlying causes of dysfunction.  This assessment includes a medical history,  postural assessment,  orthopedic tests and other osteopathic manual tests.  Treatment is based on this assessment and may involve gentle mobilization of joints and bones,  soft tissue release,  fascial release around organs / viscera,  and lymphatic drainage. 

Joint mobilization,  Craniosacral therapy,  muscle energy technique,  visceral manipulation,  and strain / counterstrain  are some examples of techniques that may be used.    

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