The GLA:D™ Canada program  is an evidence-based  education  and  exercise program delivered by GLA:D™  Certified Therapists  for people with hip and knee Osteoarthritis (OA).  The program was developed in Denmark where more than 10,000 people have participated.  The goal of GLA:D™  is to reduce your symptoms so you can do the activities you want to do in your everyday life.  


Results from Denmark at  1-year  follow-up  indentify the following:

-  27%  reduction in pain intensity
-  37%  reduction in use of joint related pain medications in knee patients
-  45%  reduction in hip patients
-  over 30%  increase in self-reported physical activity levels
-  20%  of GLA:D participants with knee Osteoarthritis were on sick leave,  compared to  30 %  at baseline

The GLA:D™ program at InsideOut includes:

-  12 sessions of supervised exercise in groups (up to 6 people) delivered  2 X per week for 6 weeks
-  2 education sessions on the knowledge and treatment of OA,  benefits of exercise,  the program effects on OA symptoms and general health,  plus future management
-  Completion of  pre / post  program outcome measures to monitor your improvement
-  the option to participate in the National Research study

Included with your participation in the GLA:D™ Canada program at  InsideOut Physiotherapy & Wellness Group,  is an extensive Home Exercise Manual with the exercises done during the class.  This program also provides a reference for a future  Home Exercise Routine  to keep you active once the program has ended.

For more information on  class times  and  cost to participant in the program,  please call InsideOut at  416 - 925 - 0050.