Massage Therapy


As we age, our muscles shorten and our myofascial system loses elasticity.  This places excessive stress on our joints and we become more susceptible to muscle strains and injury.  Gait and balance is affected.  Not only critical to rehabilitation, massage therapy is an excellent way to keep the body limber and flexible as we age.

The adverse effects of chronic stress on one’s health is well known to physicians.  Therapeutic massage has been proven to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.  

With a physician referral, Massage Therapy is covered by MVA and most Health Plans.  It can be an effective means by which a physician can extend care to their patients.

Massage services involve :

*  Myofascial release techniques for rehabilitation of acute and chronic conditions
*  Education to prevent a relapse of injury
*  Management of arthritis and chronic pain
*  Works to restore proper body alignment
*  Pregnancy and Infant massage
*  Lymphatic Drainage
*  Stress management

Goals of Massage therapy :

*  Improved joint mobility
*  Improved balance
*  Improved circulation and immune system functioning
*  Increased lymphatic drainage
*  Reduction of depression and anxiety
*  Increased body awareness

InsideOut is proud to have an affiliation with 2 locations in Toronto.  
Massage Therapy services can be booked with the following 2 locations:

East end of Toronto:   Wingrove Massage Therapy.  751 Pape Ave  (corner of Pape Ave. and Danforth Ave. - at Pape subway stop)

To book an appointment with Wingrove Massage Therapy,  call  416 - 462 - 3583  or  visit the web site at

Mid-Toronto:  Heather Stewart, RMT.  408 Dupont Street (corner of Dupont St. and Howland Ave. - Spadina Rd. and Dupont St. area) 

To book an appointment with Heather Stewart RMT,  call   647 - 444 - 1101  or visit the web site at

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