14th Annual Bloor-Yorkville Icefest



InsideOut is pleased to be participating in the Annual Bloor Yorkville Icefest.  The dates are:  

Saturday, February 9   +  Sunday, February 25,  2019    

Bloor Yorkville will become a showcase of incredible ice sculptures and live ice carving demonstrations during the Bloor Yorkville IceFest.   This year’s theme is  Hollywood North,  celebrating the glamour of Toronto's film scene with skilled ice carvers having their Oscar-worthy moment.  The Icefest will transform the Bloor Yorkville neighbourhood into a magical display of over 70,000 lbs. of crystal clear ice sculpted into magnificent sculptures inspired by Toronto and Hollywood's film heritage. 

InsideOut has sponsored a competition ice sculpture, along with other local businesses.  These carvings will be sculpted by one of the talented professional ice carvers in the Annual Ice Carving Competition in the Village of Yorkville Park.  

Come and enjoy the ice carverings,  enjoyable food and drinks,  and the beloved maple syrup taffy pops.  Fun for the whole family.  

For more info on this event,  visit the  Bloor Yorkville website

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