Nordic Pole Walking Classes at InsideOut

Come join us for a hands-on 1 Hour Nordic Pole Walking Class with a Certified Instructor.  Correct pole walking technique is essential to maximizing the excellent benefits of Nordic Pole Walking.  Our Instructors will help you with learning proper pole walking technique.  People of any age and fitness level are welcome.  If you can walk... you can Pole Walk!   You will have an opportunity to purchase poles.

The Classes will take place from InsideOut.
The Classes will include:
-  1 hour class with Instructor
-  Some warm up / cool down stretching exercises
-  Learning how to adjust your poles to the correct height and adjust wrist straps
-  Teaching correct body posture, arm swing, pole push-and-release technique
-  Opportunity to ask all the questions you have  

What to Wear:
-  Appropriate outdoor clothing based on the weather
-  Comfortable walking shoes / boots

Interested in becoming a Nordic Pole Walking Instructor yourself? 
Click here  for more information on our Instructor Course

Private classes can be arranged to meet your schedule and the Instructor's schedule.  Please call InsideOut at  416 - 925 - 0050  to arrange these classes.  Meet at InsideOut clinic.  From there,  the class will take place outdoors around the Yorkville, Queens Park  and University of Toronto areas. 

Classes are run all year round.  If weather permits,  we can be outdoors.  If weather does not permit  or  you would prefer to be indoors,  the class can be run in our building.     

$40  per class per person
$50  for 2 people  (a couple  or  you and a friend)
$ 5   for  Demo Poles Rental  per class  (if you do not have your own poles) 

For more information on these FREE Intro Sessions,  click here.  Space is limited so book early!
Please arrive on-time  (or slightly earlier)  as we start our sessions promptly at our start time. 
To reserve your place,  please call  416 - 925 - 0050