Dr. Cohen's AcuBall

InsideOut offers The AcuBall and AcuBall Mini.    
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Dr. Cohen's AcuBall  -  AcuBall and AcuBall Mini     

The Acuball’s patented design allows for safely applied natural acupressure and heat to help the body to relax while the acupoints on the ball stimulate blood flow. This increases oxygenation & blood circulation, helping to nourish tissue and  ‘flush out’ built up toxins that accumulate in tight painful muscles.  The acupoints also stimulate your Central Nervous System, like acupuncture does, to release natural painkilling, relaxing and mood enhancing chemicals like enkephalins and endorphins.

The Acuball is beneficial for a wide variety of people: 
-  pregnant women
-  athletes
-  computer users
-  individuals healing from accidents
-  those looking for natural relaxation
-  fibromyalgia sufferers  (deep chronic pain) 
-  arthritis patients
-  those dealing with neck, back, shoulder & hip pain
What is the advantage of heating the ball?  Heat expands muscles, causing blood vessels to open up, bringing more blood to tight areas.  This increased blood flow, flushes out accumulated wastes, calming irritated nerves and loosening muscles back to their normal relaxed state.

Heating instructions:

Microwave:  Place AcuBall in microwave elevated to off the bottom of the microwave. 
                    Heat for 50-60 seconds.   DO NOT exceed 60 seconds or the ball will melt.

Boiling:        Immerse Acuball in boiling water for 12 minutes MAXIMUM and towel dry.

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