Braces and Supports

InsideOut offers a variety of Braces and Supports to aid you keep moving and help you with managing your pain.  
Call or visit us to purchase these items.   

ASO Ankle Stabilizer Brace by Med Spec -  Protection and treatment for ankle damage
-  stabilizing straps that form figure-eight to protect and support ankle
-  low profile to fit in any type of shoe
-  bilateral design that fits left or right foot
-  ballistic nylon boot that provides tremendous strength and durability
-  machine wash on gentle cycle, NO bleach and allow air dry
BioSkin Hinged Knee Support  -  Support for ligament damage in the knee
-  one of the lightest hinged knee braces available
-  made with breathable materials
-  provides excellent compression to control swelling and pain
-  excellent solid support 

Therall Arthritis Pain Relief Knee Support  -  Relieves and supports arthritis in the knee 
-  provides therapeutic heat for soothing relief to aching joints, muscles and surrounding tissue
-  constructed with four-way stretch material for light compression to counteract swelling
-  relieves knee pain
-  improves mobility

Ryno Lacer Short Wrist and Thumb Support by Med Spec -  Wrist and thumb damage
-  lace closure allows for ease of putting on and taking off
-  radial, palmar and dorsal stays to help restrain wrist and thumb motion
-  polypropylene liner and perforated suede to allow moisture to evaporate away from skin
-  low profile design and comfort to improve patient compliance

BioSkin Thumb Spica Support  -  Support for thumb damage
-  ultra-low-profile brace protects the thumb from unwanted motion
-  allows full range of motion in the other digits
-  constructed from patented thin and breathable Ultima 2s™ material
-  brace is comfortable to wear and easy to apply with one hand