Nordic Walking Poles

InsideOut offers Nordic Walking Poles by Nordixx Canada in 3 different types of poles:  
WALKER set,  TRAVELER set  or  STABILZER set.   
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Nordic Walking Poles  -  by Nordixx Canada / Nordixx Pole Walking Canada    


Nordic Walking Poles are a great way to help you get in shape, keep fit and keep you moving.  It is also a great tool in the aiding of rehabilitation for post-surgery, post stroke, Parkinson's Disease and others.  It is a low-impact exercise that provides the highest benefits for health, wellness and fitness for people of all ages and fitness levels. 

Pole Walking  has been proven and validated through many scientific and clinical research studies to be a catalyst in promotion of improving your health, physical activity and rehabilitation.  For more information on Nordic Pole Walking,  click here

Features of Nordixx WALKER Poles, TRAVELER Poles and STABILIZER Poles:

-  adjustable in height
-  Wrist Straps are ergonomically shaped for Left and Right hands
-  removable Rubber Boot Tips for hard surfaces 
-  blunt Carbide Tip for soft surfaces  
-  set of poles comes with a carrying bag

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