VOXX HPT Performance Socks and Insoles

InsideOut offers VOXX HPT™ Performance Socks and Insoles in a variety of styles, colours and sizes.  
Call or visit us to confirm we have your style, colour and size. 

If InsideOut does not have in stock the style, colour or size that you want,  or you wish to order and have it shipped directly to you,   CLICK HERE  to order directly from VOXX Life website.  You will have to create an account (top RIGHT side of screen) with a User name and Password of your choosing.  

Here you will also find the detailed description of how the VOXX HPT System works with your body to help with  better performance,  better balance,  better stability,  reduced walking pain.   

VOXX HPT™ (Human Performance Technology)  Socks and Insoles 

While wearing VOXX HPT™ triggers a precise neuro-response in receptors on the bottom of your feet that in turn send commands to your Central Nervous System and Brain,  resulting in:

*  Improving your Balance and Stability
*  Improving your Posture
*  Improving your Stamina (time on your feet)
*  Improving your Pain Relief
*  Improving your Reaction Time