Nordic Pole Walking for Groups, Conferences, Trade Shows

InsideOut offers Pole Walking Class Programs and Introduction to Nordic Pole Walking Seminars to a variety of larger groups of people.  We provide the group with information on the science and research behind the many health benefits of Nordic Pole Walking.  And then we get you to try out the Pole Walking for yourselves.  We continue to present to a broad range of people of all ages, such as:

•  Community Centres   
•  Public Libraries  
•  Senior Citizens Residences and facilities  
•  Wellness Fairs  
•  Businesses  
•  Associations  (CARP, Osteoporosis, Arthritis Society, etc.)
•  Conventions, Conferences and Trade Shows

If you are part of a facility or organization who would be interested having us come to you to present to your group or at an event, we would be glad to help you get involved in Nordic Pole Walking.   For more information, please contact:

Peter Burrill
Nordic Pole Walking Program Co-ordinator
InsideOut Phyiotherapy & Wellness Group
416 - 925 - 0050