InsideOut Rehabilitation Team

Jennifer Howey, PT
Clinic Owner
Physiotherapist, Sports Acute Injury Specialist, Certified in Acupuncture
National Master Nordic Pole Walking Instructor


Jennifer Howey is a senior physiotherapist with many years of experience in orthopaedic medicine and acupuncture. Having treated high level athletes, including Pan AM and Parapan AM Games athletes, the Olympic Rowing and Sailing teams, Jennifer has gained extensive manual and return to sport skills which she incorporates into rehabilitating the downtown office worker, or chronic pain clients.

She is a certified member of the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute. A firm believer in continuing education, Jennifer is a Clinical Lecturer within the Physical Therapy program at the University of Toronto.  She also enjoys educating the public and has been a guest lecturer at the University of Guelph and the popular University of Toronto Mini-Med Series.

Jennifer is also a National Master Nordic Pole Walking Trainer and has been Certified by Nordixx Canada / Nordic Pole Walking Canada.  She teaches an Instructor course at InsideOut which enables Instructors to teach people the basic Nordic Pole Walking technique.  She is also a National Taping Instructor with BSN Medical, offering courses at InsideOut teaching the taping techniques.

Jennifer strives to determine the key factors causing ones symptoms and the most effective, individualized management. She appreciates the benefits of a multi-disciplinary approach to rehabilitation and preventative strategies to stay active as we age.

Having created a clinic environment conducive to health and healing, it is with the principles of life long learning, one-to-one care and professionalism that she guides her dynamic team at InsideOut.

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Monica Graham, PT
Physiotherapist, Neuro-rehabilitation, Certified in Acupuncture

Monica Graham is a senior physiotherapist with many years of experience working with neurological clients in inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, home care and private clinic setting. Dedicated to one-on-one care, Monica incorporates advanced skills in Neuro-developmental (NDT) and Bobath techniques, where her knowledge in assessing and treating abnormal movement patterns enhances recovery post neurological insult. She focuses on improving functional abilities and considers the whole person to help clients reintegrate into their community.

Monica practices advanced acupuncture and is a member of the Acupuncture foundation of Canada Institute. Monica is a clinical instructor and facilitator within the Physical Therapy Department at the University of Toronto. She believes in combining experience with best evidence and has presented recommendations for an inpatient neuro-rehabilitation program as well as published research on Ataxia and Treadmill Training with Body Weight Support.

She is also a national taping instructor with BSN Medical. An energetic mother of three, Monica is a key member of the InsideOut team.

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Tracy Kha, PT
Physiotherapist, Orthopedic , Vestibular, Certified in Acupuncture

Tracy is a physiotherapist with many years of experience working with orthopedic and sport populations.  She successfully treats patients through education, manual therapy techniques, and encourages active participation in the rehabilitation process.

Tracy obtained her B. Sc in Physical Therapy through the University of Alberta in 2004.  She has completed advanced courses in manual therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, TMJ dysfunction, exercise and other musculoskeletal techniques.  

Tracy practices acupuncture and is a certified member of the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada.  She is also currently a clinical Instructor for the Physical Therapy Department at the University of Toronto  

As a member of the InsideOut Team,  Tracy helps people achieve their goals, inspires a healthy outlook and balance, and improves the quality of life for her patients.  InsideOut is proud to have Tracy as part of the Team.

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Amanda Kapsimalis, PT
Physiotherapist, Certified in Acupuncture,  Certified Nordic Pole Walking Instructor,  NKT Level 1

Amanda attended York University where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health Sciences.  She then went on to obtain her Master of Science in Physical Therapy degree from the University of Toronto.  Upon graduation, she received the Dr. Barnett and Beverly Giblon award for Excellence in Physical Therapy and the CIHR Health Professional Student Research Award, demonstrating her hard work, dedication and passion for what she does.

Amanda has experienced working with a variety of patient populations and many different clinical conditions.  She strongly believes in the importance of listening to her clients and incorporating a combination of hands-on therapy as well as active client participation to achieve client goals.  She continues to actively pursue her education having completed training in BSN Leukotape-K Taping Level 1,  Manual Therapy Level 1,  Craniosacral Therapy Level 1,  certification to practice Acupuncture (completed Adavnced Physical Therapy Education Institute program),  as well as Neurokinetic Therapy Level 1.  Amanda is also a certified Nordic Pole Walking Instructor.

As a member of the InsideOut team,  Amanda has a strong desire to help others and her compassion leads her to provide quality care to clients in order to improve their quality of life.  

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Shelley Goetze O'Connor, PT
Physiotherapist,  Certified Nordic Pole Walking Instructor,  Certified in Acupuncture,  Yoga Teacher (Hatha Alignment based yoga) 

Shelley is a experienced physiotherapist with a long, successful history treating patients with a broad range of conditions.  She completed her B.Sc. in Physiotherapy at the University of Toronto. Shelley stays current in her field,  pursuing continuing education courses in neurology, orthopaedics, dance injury prevention and treatment, and management of special populations such as osteoporosis.

Shelley is a Certified Yoga teacher (Hatha Alignment based yoga) which she incorporates with patients and hopes to make more accessible to special populations such as Osteoporosis and Parkinson’s.

Shelley takes pride in treating each client as an individual with unique needs and goals.  A good assessment will lead to a good individual treatment plan.  She works to educate and inspire her clients towards recovery and wellness.   InsideOut welcomes Shelley’s shared philosophy, hands on approach and diverse expertise.   

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Julie Ardron, PT
Physiotherapist, Certified in Acupuncture,  A.R.T. provider - Spine 

Julie is a Toronto native having completed both her B.Sc. (Hons) and Masters of Physical Therapy degrees from the University of Toronto.  She believes strongly in the client -therapist relationship and enjoys treating people of all ages.  During her time at U of T, Julie was awarded the Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award for her involvement on campus and within the community.

Julie has obtained certification in Acupuncture through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada. She also holds certifications in Kinesiology taping,  Level 1 Manual Therapy  and  Active Release Technique (ART). As an active member of the physiotherapy community, Julie currently acts as a clinical lab facilitator in the Physical Therapy department at the University of Toronto, and is an executive member of the Ontario Physiotherapy Association’s Westgate District.

As a member of the InsideOut team,  Julie's goal is to work with clients to meet their unique functional goals through education and exercise-based rehabilitation.  Julie is a strong believer in patient-centered,  individualized care and works to tailor each treatment plan to maximize outcomes.

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Anuradha Dhar, PT
Physiotherapist,  Certified in Acupuncture   

Anu earned her Masters in Physical Therapy Degree at McMaster University.  Prior to this,  she received her B.Sc. in Cell and Molecular Biology at University of Toronto.  Anu’s background in cell biology allows her to connect the molecular details to the physical presentation of various illnesses and impairments.

Anu focuses on using an evidence-based and a client-centered approach to provide care for her clients.  She strongly believes in one-to-one care,  educating her clients on how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Anu completed her training in acupuncture through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada.  She is certified in Kinesiology Taping and is pursuing her higher manual levels.  Her treatment approach emphasizes a combination of manual therapy,  soft tissue release,  acupuncture,  and individualized exercise programs to achieve optimal rehabilitation goals.

As a member of the InsideOut team,  Anu is committed to provide quality care to her clients,  to maximize improvements in their pain and function,  and to promote prevention of future injuries. 

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Sarah Hamilton
Osteopathic Manual Therapist,  Registered Kinesiologist

Sarah Hamilton practices Osteopathic Manual Therapy and Kinesiology at InsideOut.  Sarah holds an Honours Degree in Kinesiology and is a Registered Kinesiologist with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario.  She is a graduate of the Canadian College of Osteopathy and is a member of the Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners (OAO).  In 2015 Sarah completed thesis research on the biological basis of placebo effects in clinical practice,  and was awarded the Andrew Taylor Still Award for outstanding research in the advancement of Osteopathy.  

Sarah offers a hands-on whole-body approach utilizing osteopathic manual therapy, therapeutic taping, and therapeutic exercise.  Her role as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner is to identify causes of dysfunction and to apply gentle manual techniques to help remove mechanical barriers obstructing healing processes.  Her role as a Kinesiologist is to help guide healthy movement strategies and habits, and to help restore function and improve health through individualized exercise programs.  She has experience working with people of all ages (including infants and elder adults) and with a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions.

Outside of her practice,  Sarah can be found exploring the world through dance, yoga, pilates, swimming, hula hooping, camping, hiking, cooking, travel, and gardening.   Sarah's Osteopathic approach is an excellent expansion of the integrated services offered at InsideOut.

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Austin Barber
CSEP Certified Personal Trainer,  Rehab Training Specialist 

Austin obtained his Bachelors degree in sport and exercise sciences at Camosun College in British Columbia.  He has worked with organizations such as  British Columba Wheelchair Sports Association,  Exercise is Medicine Canada  and  Prospect Lake Soccer Club.  These experiences, coupled with his desire for optimal personal health and his pursuit for continual education,  aid Austin in assisting others with their health-related goals.

Austin aims to develop a mutual understanding with his clients about their goals and desires in order to achieve the best possible outcome.  At InsideOut,  Austin can develop a personalized exercise program for you.  He will also supervise small exercise classes for clients with prescribed physiotherapy exercises.   He values client-centered care and places emphasis on education to help people make lasting,  lifestyle changes.  He is a fond believer in finding ways to make exercise fun and enjoyable.  

InsideOut invites you to contact Austin to help you move past your injuries to a renewed potential and maximum body function.

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Megan MacDonald
Administrative Coordinator

Megan comes to InsideOut after working for 13 years in the non-profit sector, providing customer service and care for families in the local community.  Megan is currently enrolled in the University of New Brunswick Bachelor of Nursing degree program.  She brings with her strong interpersonal skills and a keen ability to pay attention to detail.  Along with her positive energy,  Megan is always ensuring each client feels welcomed and comfortable at InsideOut.

She is excited to bring her newly acquired knowledge to InsideOut and we are happy to have her on the team.

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Erin Mensch
Administrative Coordinator

Erin comes to InsideOut after working for the past 10 years in office administration at the corporate and community level.

Her fascination with the different ways in which holistic wellness can be cultivated within the body and mind have led her to explore training within yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.  She is a certified Yoga teacher in Hatha alignment-based yoga with an interest in the therapeutic applications of yoga.  Erin is pursuing further studies in Psychology while continuing her training in yoga.

As a member of the InsideOut team,  Erin is committed to providing dedicated  support,  care  and  customer service.

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Peter Burrill
Operations Manager,  Certified Nordic Pole Walking Instructor

Peter is responsible for maintaining the day to day operations at InsideOut.  He works with the team to ensure the clinic and client’s needs are met.   Peter maintains the InsideOut web site and is involved with marketing of InsideOut services.  

Peter facilitates the Nordic Pole Walking Programs at InsideOut.   He is a Certified Nordic Pole Walking Instructor, running Free monthly Introduction Pole Walking Sessions, coordinating Pole Walking Seminars at various facilities, and teaching Pole Walking classes offered at InsideOut.  

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Nadine Moffatt
Yoga Instructor 

Nadine first began her Yoga practice at a very young age.  As a youth,  her active dance career gave her strength and flexibility,  but also lead to times of injury.

After having kids,  Nadine made her way back to the mat as a way to strengthen and tone the body.  Having a history of injury herself,  Nadine is mindful of form and stresses using support and adaptive tools to work within the limits of your body.  Nadine is a firm believer that Yoga should be accessible to everyone.  She is a welcoming host to an engaging, safe, and effective Yoga experience.  The goal is to find stillness in one’s mind and spirit.

Passionate about continuing education and professional development,  Nadine attends numerous conferences and trainings with interest in many integrated health modalities.  She studied Sciences at the University of Waterloo,  and TCM / Acupuncture in Sri Lanka at the International University for Complementary Medicine.  Further studies include Ayurveda, Crystal Therapy, and Essential Oils.  Nadine is a Usui Reiki Practitioner,  holds the YA-RYT 200 accreditation, and a 100 hr Yin Yoga Certification.

Yoga classes are now being offered at InsideOut with instruction by Nadine. 
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InsideOut is happy to have Nadine as part of our Team!  If you would like to know more about Nadine and wish to book an appointment:

Telephone:    647 - 960 - 1670

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Heather Stewart 
Registered Massage Therapist (RMT),  Yoga Instructor 

Massage Therapy is preventative and proactive healthcare.  Massage is effective for people of all ages and at any stage of life, from birth to palliative care.   Many different pathologies can be treated with the techniques Heather uses and together a treatment plan will be developed to help you achieve your goals.

Heather also offers Yoga which is widely practiced for health and relaxation.  Yoga includes:   breath control,  simple meditation,  and the adoption of specific bodily postures for stretching and strengthing.  

Yoga classes are now being offered at InsideOut with instruction by Heather. 
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InsideOut is proud to have Heather Stewart as part of the Team.  If you would like to know more about Heather and wish to book an appointment:

Telephone:  1 - 647 - 444 - 1101
Web site:   (online booking available) 
Address:      Spadina Therapy Centre
                    37 Spadina Road,  
Toronto, ON   M5R 2S9

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Wingrove Massage Therapy

Wingrove Massage Therapy was established in 1998 and provides a comfortable, calm environment to receive treatment.  They are conveniently located beside Pape subway station. Wingrove's Registered Massage therapists are experts in the assessment and treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, specializing in treating pregnancy, pediatrics, neurological conditions, TMJ and sports massage.   Wingrove provides massage for wellness and relaxation.  

InsideOut is proud to have Wingrove Massage Therapy as part of the Team.  If you would like to know more and wish to book an appointment:

Telephone:   1 - 416 - 462 - 3583
Web site:   (online booking available)
751 Pape AvenueToronto, ON   M4K 3S7

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