Monica Graham

Monica Graham, PT
Physiotherapist, Neuro-rehabilitation, Certified in Acupuncture

Monica Graham is a senior physiotherapist with many years of experience working with neurological clients in inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, home care and private clinic setting. Dedicated to one-on-one care, Monica incorporates advanced skills in Neuro-developmental (NDT) and Bobath techniques, where her knowledge in assessing and treating abnormal movement patterns enhances recovery post neurological insult. She focuses on improving functional abilities and considers the whole person to help clients reintegrate into their community.

Monica practices advanced acupuncture and is a member of the Acupuncture foundation of Canada Institute. Monica is a clinical instructor and facilitator within the Physical Therapy Department at the University of Toronto. She believes in combining experience with best evidence and has presented recommendations for an inpatient neuro-rehabilitation program as well as published research on Ataxia and Treadmill Training with Body Weight Support.

She is also a national taping instructor with BSN Medical. An energetic mother of three, Monica is a key member of the InsideOut team.

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