Nadine Moffatt

Nadine Moffatt
Yoga Instructor 

Nadine first began her Yoga practice at a very young age.  As a youth,  her active dance career gave her strength and flexibility,  but also lead to times of injury.

After having kids,  Nadine made her way back to the mat as a way to strengthen and tone the body.  Having a history of injury herself,  Nadine is mindful of form and stresses using support and adaptive tools to work within the limits of your body.  Nadine is a firm believer that Yoga should be accessible to everyone.  She is a welcoming host to an engaging, safe, and effective Yoga experience.  The goal is to find stillness in one’s mind and spirit.

Passionate about continuing education and professional development,  Nadine attends numerous conferences and trainings with interest in many integrated health modalities.  She studied Sciences at the University of Waterloo,  and TCM / Acupuncture in Sri Lanka at the International University for Complementary Medicine.  Further studies include Ayurveda, Crystal Therapy, and Essential Oils.  Nadine is a Usui Reiki Practitioner,  holds the YA-RYT 200 accreditation, and a 100 hr Yin Yoga Certification.

Yoga classes are now being offered at InsideOut with instruction by Nadine.  Click here for more info

InsideOut is happy to have Nadine as part of our Team!  If you would like to know more about Nadine and wish to book an appointment:

Telephone:    647 - 960 - 1670

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